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In a Nutshell:

Updated 12th May 2019
We are just 12 years from Climate Catastrophe , warns the IPCC.
The natural world and human society are linked and equally at threat, as a new paper warns that climate change and environmental breakdown would force society into Systemic Collapse , and researchers warn we are in an age of Mass Extinction
Around the world schoolchildren and students have been going on Strike to demand action on climate change. A new wave of protests is due inthe UK as key emissions targets are missed .
We have started talking about population dispersement or sprawl in ernest. As populations grow beyond control do we need to relocate as well as renew our infrastucture for the sake of the environment?

The United States is still the ONLY major nation in the world to refuse to make a commitment under the Paris Climate Agreement, but very few countries are doing enough .

There are some good news stories , and grassroots support for consuming responsibly is high and individual states, authorities and groups across the globe are working independently to lower emissions and a cleaner environment.

... and while it is mired in politics the proposed Green New Deal is stimulating debate and could one day see the USA aim for a Carbon Neutral future .