As the new Carbon Handprint develops and finds its identity we needed a way to adapt to the different types of content that we discover and share. To achieve that we have built a new content template system called CHCMS. It is rigid and extendable at the same time, allowing large changes to be made with simple changes to a few templates.

We are still figuring out the best way to do certain things and adding new functionality every day, but as it matures the code will be released to drive other websites in the community. This Changelog allows us to keep track of the changes we have made as we work towards releasing CHCMS V1.

Changes by date

12th May 2019 - New Linktype defined for detailed link lists - one per line with optional location flags.

17th March 2019 - Part of sitemap is now dynamically generated from master article list.

17th March 2019 - Every page on the site is now powered by the modular array and page system.

17th March 2019 - Individual pages can have their own robots / description / keywords meta settings.

16th March 2019 - The structure of the CMS and files is now complete. There are four main file types: Pages, Design elements, Content Units and Page Templates. To create a new page simply create a new file, inlcude the array of content that you want to include and call the appropriate template.

14th March 2019 - Different link types (read more, bibliography, regional) all powered by an extendable link array.

10th March 2019 - Site settings now all stored in a universal include.

10th March 2019 - All content units defined from a single content array.

24th Feb 2019 - News items now come from the same array structure as other elements, like links.

24th Feb 2019 - Links are now handled with a link array and dedicated linkbuilding function - it should be quicker and safer to call this function instead of coding links straight into HTML content.

23rd Feb 2019 - The site depth has been fixed at 1 directory deep.

20th Feb 2019 - Articles and other pages have been moved into their own folders - /articles and /pages to help structure the website better.

16th Feb 2019 - The contact us form is now live and accepting enquiries. We received our first enquiry within an hour of launching the contact form.

13th Feb 2019 - A new Bootstrap library allows us to post and label regional links for different countries.

12th Feb 2019 - News and articles sections now include an update date.

9th Feb 2019 - There is a new news section on the home page that we hope will be a useful overview of the issues of the day.