Just how important is the Guardian Environment?

As the website at Carbonhandprint.org has evolved, it has leaned heavily on the Guardian Environment for information. Not the Carbon Handprint concept you understand - that is yours to shape as you wish, but the resources and commentary we provided over the years to help inspire you. Digging into the envoironmental section of the Guardian, the depth of their contribution is amazing.
They have so much to say that the official Environment section is categorised into the topics of Climate Change, Wildlife Energy and Pollution. Compare this with the NYTimes environment topic and the difference is astounding - the two latest articles at time of writing (03 Feb 19) are "Have you tried making partner at your law firm?" and "How to Make Your Office More Ergonomically Correct ".

The Guardian is widely considered to be left-leaning, but nowadays the term "Guardian Reader" is synonomous with "Mainstream". You won't find farfetched theories like "Climate Change is a myth" any more than you will be implored to leave civilisation behind and knit your own cutlery. What you will receive is informed information and clearly labelled opinion on the environmental issues of the day and just the lightest smattering of . And it is all free - no paywalls or subscription plans.

If you don't regularly visit the Guardian Environment website I strongly recomend this article: Global warming - time is running out and their accessible summary of the Davos address by Greta Thunberg: Our House is on fire.


Steve is the founder of CarbonHandprint.org. He works in technology and lives in a barn. He fills his dustbin once a month and drives a low Co2 family car.